toothin theatre presents a feature film by Park Bench, an Alex Appel Production
And you thought you had a dead-end job

What They're saying

"It's an arch, theatrical, funny and absolutely stunning-looking film, riding genres with gleeful abandon, playing with conventions and admirably cheating its limitations. And man, does it have a great central character..."

"Picture a gothic Molly Ringwald in a Tim Burton directed Office Space with vampires, and you might have something resembling festival favorite, The Death of Alice Blue. Brilliant!"
- Philadelphia Underground Film Festival

"A postmodern deconstructionist vampire tale!"
- Lawrence Kardish, Senior Curator, Museum of Modern Art.

"A non-traditional vampire fable like an injection of fresh blood into a ripe cadaver!"
- Eddie Cockrell, Variety film critic.

"Alex Appel gives such a great performance!"
- Quiet Earth

"the most health-code-violating and bizarre office spaces in indie cinema"
- Film Threat

"an amusingly eccentric dark comedy about a vampirish ad agency."
- Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel

"The Death of Alice Blue confirms all my paranoid delusions about business executives... Great retro visuals, a vampire corporation, dark humor and Alex Appel."
- Quiet Earth

"Discovery is at the heart of moviegoing... It's also the pleasure of a genre-bending thriller-comedy like The Death of Alice Blue, in which gorgeous, gothed-up Alex Appel plays a tormented intern at an evil ad agency. If you go in knowing which horror clich├ęs will be overturned, you'll have much less fun, so I'll spill nothing here except to say that Alice Blue still works once the mystery gets solved."
- Kansas City Review.

"...more interesting than Twilight."
- Creative Loafing

Alice Blue
Upcoming Screenings

August 6th - 19th
Canadian Theatrical Release
Toronto, ON, AMC Theaters Dundas Square (10 Dundas St. East)



Michael Kulas
- Who supplied some of our songs

Rena Cugelman of alterspark
- Web & Graphic Designer for The Death of Alice Blue

Steve Thorne
- Cinematographer for The Death of Alice Blue

Alex Appel
- Fan made page